President and Founder

37 years of service

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David Akins - President Co-Op GasFounded Co-Op Gas Inc. in 1997.

As a seasoned professional, David has more than 18 years experience in providing expert balloon service to many successful businesses in North and South Carolina.

David founded Co-Op Gas Inc. with specific moral and social values in mind. From the beginning, each client was viewed as priceless. Client interactions were professional, courteous, and enjoyable. Each order was important, regardless of the amount. Consequently, clients discovered that the effects of these values enabled them to achieve their own business goals.

As more successful businesses discovered the values of David Akins and Co-Op Gas Inc., the number of consistent clients quickly grew. Additional associates were added to the corporation to continue providing personal service to each client.

Today, David continues to grow Balloon Country and Co-Op Gas Inc., allowing even more businesses to experience the positive values that he promotes. He has successfully established a powerful corporation that services strong businesses. David has provided all businesses the ability to attract more customers through the powerful and festive environment that helium and balloons create.

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